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Tender Background

Procurement Procedures

The OECS Commission conducts its procurement of Goods, Works, Consulting and Non-Consulting Services through the guidelines and procedures set out in the Procurement Manual dated November 2013 revised June 2016.  The Procurement Manual reflects the policy for procurement conducted by the OECS Commission and is designed to promote transparency, integrity and accountability.

The methods of Procurement and Solicitation to select bidders include Shopping, Request for Quotation (RFQ), Invitation to Bid (ITB), Request for Proposal (RFP), Direct Sole Source Purchase (DSSP), Grants and Single Tender (ST).

  • For detailed information, please view the OECS Commission Procurement Manual and Procurement Manual For Implementing Grants below.
  • Interested Bidders may also register to be included on the OECS Commission’s Database of Registered Bidders by clicking here

 The amendments made via Inter Memorandum provide updates/revisions made to the Procurement Manual dated June 2016.


Procurement Manual


This Procurement Manual (hereinafter “Manual”) reflects the policy for the Procurement of the OECS Commission (OECSC) and is designed to guide all OECSC staff, directly or indirectly involved in Procurement, to:

  • Promote transparency, probity and accountability in Procurement;
  • Facilitate efficiency and effectiveness of Procurement;
  • Provide standards for the monitoring and auditing of Procurement.

This Grants Manual provides the guidelines and set policy for administering grants.  The Manual seeks to guide all Grantees, Grantors and staff of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) who are seeking, or have received funding from Grantors such as the World Bank and The Green Climate Fund in support of implementing/managing grant activities to meet agreed objectives.  

This Manual form part of the Procurement Manual of the OECS.

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