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Knowledge Background

Montserrat Education Statistical Digest


Education Sector in Montserrat is divided into three distinct levels: Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary. The Early Childhood level refers to the care and education of children prior to admission at the primary level. At this level, formal care and education are provided in daycare centres for children up to two years and at nursery schools/pre-schools for children three to four plus. Compulsory Education begins at five years by March 31 at the Primary Level and continues until age 16 at the Secondary Level. The government provides education for the majority of the children on Montserrat since although early childhood or pre-primary education is not compulsory 6 out of eight (88%) centres are government owned. Two out of four (50%) of the primary schools and the only secondary school are public. Two hundred and seventy seven (63%) of the primary aged children on Montserrat attend public schools.

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