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OECS GREENLINK: Volume 3 | Issue 2


OECS GREENLINK: Volume 3 | Issue 2

I’m sure you’ve complained about the unprecedented heat these past few months regardless of where you live – maybe except in the North Pole – but you would have noticed the polar ice caps melting anyway. I hope this does not sound too corny, but this edition of GreenLink is just hot off the press, and we have lots to share! We’ve shared highlights from the recently concluded OECS 10th Council of Ministers on Environmental Sustainability (COM:ES)10 in Anguilla, where several important decisions were made to ensure that the OECS region has a robust environmental sustainability framework. Our economic, social and physical prosperity, among many other things, depends heavily on this. Oops! I almost forgot that we also hosted a milestone 10th Annual Environmental Sustainability Exhibition in partnership with the Government of Anguilla. In this edition, we’ve also shared highlights from our Safety at Sea training programme and our regional Communication Workshops for the focal points of the BioSPACE and ILM Projects. We’ve shared the first two documentaries in our Stories in Biodiversity series – yes, there are links to view them – upcoming activities, environmental days, etc. I think I’ve said enough because you are ready to start reading! Enjoy this version of The GreenLink, and let’s continue our partnership to build environmentally sustainable paths and futures!

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