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OECS GREENLINK: Volume 3 | Issue 1


OECS GREENLINK: Volume 3 | Issue 1

Time flies when you are having fun and 2023 seems to be going by quickly. We are excited to share with you the first edition of The GreenLink, a publication of the OECS Environmental Sustainability Division. We begin this edition with a quick overview of initiatives being undertaken by the OECS to deal with the threat of Climate Change and the road to COP28, an annual global conference to tackle the issue collectively. Given the urgency to tackle this existential threat, the OECS is executing a new project, exploring geothermal energy in the region. Additionally, with recent increases in the cost of energy globally, this is exciting news for our people. We’ve summarized the project details for you in this edition and will keep you updated on the progress in our future editions. There’s more good news! On February 2, World Wetlands Day, France pledged three million Euros to mangrove restoration in the OECS. Mangrove forests are an essential resource in dealing with climate change. In addition to World Wetlands Day, we’ve highlighted some of the OECS activities in recognition of major global environmental days this year, including International Day of Forests and World Water Day. We’ve also highlighted the OECS adoption of the Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) after Biodiversity COP15 last year. I think I’ve shared enough right now. Dive right in and look at the photos and videos we’ve prepared for you, familiarize yourself with the ESD’s staff and enjoy the read! We’re working together to create a better future for OECS citizens!

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