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OECS GREENLINK: Volume 2 | Issue 1


OECS GREENLINK: Volume 2 | Issue 1

The OECS Environmental Sustainability Division has been fully engaged, supporting the Organisation’s hosting of the 6th Sitting of the OECS Assembly in Antigua & Barbuda on March 18, 2022, under the theme: The SHIFT: Embracing New Platforms and Innovative Models for Leadership in Sustainability. The Commission, through the ESD, also supported the Nippon foundation-WMU Closing the Circle Programme Conference held in Dominica from April 4-7,  2022 which sought to explore challenges and opportunities to address pressing issues of Marine Debris, Sargassum, and Marine Spatial Planning in the Eastern Caribbean.

We take this opportunity to thank all of our readers for the feedback provided via the online form. We paid acute attention to your comments, and are pleased to inform you that your concerns have been incorporated into this revised thrust. For starters, we have added a Youth Corner, intended to highlight environmental youth clubs, schools, and projects in the OECS.

In this edition, we highlight work being done within the Department of Natural Resources in Anguilla, including Sargassum Monitoring and Management, Shallow Reef, and Sea Grass Monitoring. We also zone in on how climate resilience in the water sector is being built
in Saint Lucia, through the EU GCCA+ and CCCCC. If you are interested in learning about mangroves and how important they are to
marine ecosystems, then you’re viewing the right edition of GreenLink!

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