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OECS GREENLINK: Volume 1 | Issue 1


OECS GREENLINK: Volume 1 | Issue 1

Happy New Year and best wishes for a safe and productive 2021. I am delighted to present this inaugural edition of GreenLink – the quarterly newsletter of the OECS Commission’s Environmental Sustainability Division. Over the years, the Division has undertaken several projects in OECS Member States that have resulted in tangible and intangible benefits to our citizens. These projects have included works on slope stabilization, biodiversity conservation, energy efficiency, and climate change adaptation and mitigation, to name a few. Our mandate as a Commission is to improve the lives of OECS citizens through sustainable interventions. While the emergence of COVID-19 has staggered the pace of implementation, our drive and commitment to serve you remain resolute. Our current realities have amplified the need to keep you informed about ongoing interventions spearheaded by the Division, and by extension, the Commission, in a timely manner. We hope that GreenLink will serve as a catalyst for change in the way that we engage you, our valued stakeholders. I take this opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of all who have made this inaugural issue a reality. Your creative thoughts have served up a unique blend of rich articles and contributions, which we hope that you, our readers, will savour.

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