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OECS GREENLINK: Volume 1 | Issue 4


OECS GREENLINK: Volume 1 | Issue 4

This year, regional OECS governments had to contend with, among others, a persistent global health crisis, intensifying weather systems fueled by climate change, a volcanic eruption, limited financial and fiscal space, and reduced opportunities for international funding to sustain and implement programmes geared towards the sustainable development of our people.
As a result, the OECS Commission has itself had to readjust its priorities to adequately respond to the needs of Member States in these challenging times. Resilience is a core value of the OECS Commission, and always a foremost consideration in the implementation of the mandate of the Organisation.

Therefore, despite the challenges of 2021, our team has continued to work diligently to meet the needs of our Member States by delivering key results in all of our thematic areas.

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