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Eastern Caribbean Adapt'Action

In 2018, the OECS Commision and AgenceFrançaise de Développement (AFD) signed an agreement under AFD’s Adapt’Action Facility, the Eastern Caribbean Adapt'Action known as the OECS Adaption Action Agreement. "Adapt'Action" is a term which indicates adjusting or modifying an action according to a situation or circumstances. It is a flexible response to the ever-changing conditions of climate change with the approach of problem-solving and willingness to make adjustments to achieve the desired objective.

The objective of the Adapt'Action Facility is to support the implementation of their National Determined Contributions (NDCs) is a non-binding national plan highlighting climate change mitigation, including climate-related targets for greenhouse gas emission reductions which are

  1. the consolidation of their climate governance for the successful implementation of their NDC through capacity-building activities
  2. the translation of their NDC into sectoral public policies and action plans in the field of adaptation; and
  • the design of structuring and transformational climate programmes and projects on adaptation to climate change impacts.

The Components of the OECS Adapt'Action Agreement are as follows:

Component 1: Support for the strengthening of institutional capacities and “climate” governance for the consolidation, implementation and monitoring of contributions

  • Elaboration of an OECS consolidated Climate Risk and Adaptation Profile including sex-disaggregated data for assessing the impact of climate change.
  • Elaboration of a regional adaptation strategy to climate change and transposition of this strategy into an action plan (including the identification of key sectors and intervention priorities that may be addressed at national and regional levels)
  • Definition of a Monitoring and Evaluation tool for the implementation of the action plan

Component 2: Support for the translation of NDCs into sectoral public policies in the field of adaptation

  • Capacity-Building on ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) and the mainstreaming of gender into flexibile modification - Workshops for experience sharing and lessons learnt - Complementary case studies - Elaboration of two regional guidelines (one on EbA, one on gender & Climate change) to better include EbA and gender into NDCs/NAPs - Capitalization/Dissemination of workshop outputs and guidelines: awareness and communication.
  • Resilient Cities/settlements: Policies and practices for building resilient cities/settlements, especially in recent extreme weather events. Including considerations for national and local area vulnerability assessments and land use plans, the resilience of critical buildings and infrastructure, the water sector and integrated coastal zone management.

Component 3: Support for the preparation of structural projects/programmes in the field of adaptation

  • Support 1: forecast-based financing: feasibility study for an innovative regional approach

Additional support under the programme is to be determined.

Ecosystem-based Adaptation Gender Equality & Social Inclusion Webinar

On Wednesday, 8th April 2020, the OECS Commission hosted a Webinar on Mainstreaming Ecosystem-Based Adaptation (EbA) and Gender Social Inclusion (GESI) into Climate Change Adaptation. The webinar featured a presentation by another expert and provided an overview of Building Resilience with Nature and Gender in the Eastern Caribbean Toolkit developed under Component 2. Here are two valuable resources from the webinar

  • Ecosystem-based Adaptation Gender Equality & Social Inclusion Webinar Presentation
  • EBA & GESI Concept Note Template 
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Ecosystem-based Adaptation Gender Equality & Social Inclusion Webinar Presentation
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EBA & GESI Concept Note Template

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