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About OECS

To support efforts for sustainable energy throughout the Caribbean, the OECS Ministers of Environment directed the OECS Secretariat to develop “a clear and strategic energy policy” that would benefit the economies of the member countries of the OECS.

To fulfill its mandate, the OECS Secretariat has embarked on a plan to develop a subregional sustainable energy program and address concerns about climate change and energy security.

As part of that programme, an energy efficiency educational campaign, Power Savers, was created to help increase energy efficiency behaviour amongst the public and private sector.

The campaign includes a media blitz airing of a series of television infomercials and radio public service announcements across all member countries of the OECS. It was launched in St. Lucia during the CARICOM Energy Week in November 2013.

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Energy Efficiency: A Powerful Tool

Everywhere—in households, businesses, and hospitals—we use energy to meet our day-to-day practical needs such as lighting, refrigeration, hot water and transportation. But it’s expensive. Some families spend more than 20 percent of their income on energy. Businesses and institutions in the OECS countries spend more than US $130 million each year on energy. These costs hurt the economy and they hurt families.

Energy efficiency is a powerful tool to cut energy costs. It’s about using less energy to provide the same service, and making informed and sensible choices.

The OECS has launched the Power Savers campaign to show you that practical energy efficiency solutions are within your reach. The power to save energy is in your hands!

The Power Savers campaign will provide energy-saving tips to help households and organisations throughout the region use energy more efficiently and become power savers. With these tips from Power Savers, the power to make the right choices—to use less energy—is in all of our hands.

Over the next five months, you’ll see and hear about the Power Savers campaign. Look for television infomercials and radio public service announcements with energy-saving tips. Businesses and institutions will have access to information through e-newsletters and webinars.

Join the movement towards energy efficiency.